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For those of you out there that are 18+ years of age that are smokers that are looking for a healthy alternative to smoking "BLUNT WRAPS" or "PAPERS" then this is the perfect item for you. The "GLASS BLUNT" eliminates the need for any kind of wrap. Simply stuff the "GLASS BLUNT" with your desired amount of "TOBACCO" and light up. Tjis device works like a "CIGAR" or "CIGARETTE" by staying cherry and simply push the ash out as you smoke. - THESE WILL BE AVAILABLE AT THE RED BULL RIDE PLUS STYLE EVENT APRIL 28, 2012 FOR $30 - info on when they will be available on online will be posted up May 1, 2012 - THESE ARE 100% HANDMADE IN THE USA IN LONG BEACH, CA

Coming Soon